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Luca Kiebel

B.Sc. in CS at TUC

IT Consultant for Digitalization and Process Optimization

📎 Who Am I?

What Luca thinks about himself

Luca loves working with everything web! From making servers work over web security, usability and accessibility, future proof back- and frontends to web design, he enjoys working with every bit of the internet. Thus many of his projects are focused around the idea of shipping to everyone with one codebase by utilizing the power of browsers!

Luca graduated summer of 2018 from the Hans-Böckler-Vocational College with Abitur and is currently studying Computer Science at Clausthal University of Technology. Luca is currently working as an IT Consultant for Digitalization and Process Optimization for Companies in the Harz region and Germany beyond.

🕴 Projects Luca participates in


Image of Rocketeers

Hawaii Shirt webshop

Rocketeers is a German company selling original Hawaii shirts.

Luca built a webshop for their business as a contractor.
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Image of UNZ


Website for a program that certifies low-CO2 emitting farmers

Luca joined this company as a contractor to manage the technical implementation of the certification program, and to establish their website.
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Image of appid

API Wrapper

Use this package to easily convert Steam's AppIDs to their names and vice-versa!

When Luca started building gamevm-cli, he needed some streamline way to get Steam appids from the names of the games.
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Image of Warframe.js

API Wrapper

Warframe.js is a Wrapper for Warframe's WorldState API. You can utilize Warframe.js to add a widget to your website for any public data from Warframe.

As a big fan of both Warframe and JavaScript, developing an interface between the two was a no-brainer. I used this opportunity to check out ES6 classes.
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Image of ListX

Shopping Lists Web-App

ListX is a free tool to create and maintain Lists for every occasion. Whether it's for your monthly groceries or for the next big vacation - we've got you covered!

This is my most complex project up until now. I also consider it one of my milestones, since I learned so much about JavaScript and programming while developing ListX, that in the few months spent developing this, I started over three times, because the code I wrote before was lightyears away from what I was writing at that moment.
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Telegenic German

Language Generator

"Telegenic German" is a Language/Sentence Generator aimed at Mass-Media-Conglomerate Executives. It's the perfect tool for generating filler-Sentences for your next (german) Speech!

This was a project Luca bodged together during an internship at Provinzial, after it was brought to his attention by one of his co-workers there.
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Image of LamPi

Python motor-comtroller and NodeJS Backend

A team of students from Luca's school developed OSS (Open Source Software) under various project names, all Raspberry Pis as a base and present the projects at their school and to visitors of the OpenRheinRuhr in Oberhausen! Luca's team's project is based around moving small vehicles through obstacle courses and controlling them with your smartphone.

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Image of HBBK API

Representation Plans API

This API can be used to get your current timetable from hbbk-ilias.de without needing to do all the logging in and choosing your schedule and so on, in short, it saves time and hassle with the other current methods and is completely free of ads.

Luca spent way too much time logging in to his schools timetable-website, so he built a workaround.
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Star Wars Error Pages

Image of Star Wars Error Pages

HTTP/1.1 Error Pages

Star Wars Error Pages are a fun, user friendly and smart way to show your customers that they went down a path that you can't follow, that these are not the sites they were looking for or some other bad Star Wars themed pun.

This project will always be relevant, since human error will stick around (even if it's just me making the errors)!
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Image of ComBauen

Free2Play solo strategy game

ComBauen is a Free2Play solo-player game. In ComBauen you play a robot named Admin, in search for computer parts to build a server and run the Matrix on it, to revenge the death of Admin's father and restore their family's reputation.

This was the fist software project Luca ever built with other people, and it was also the first project he made in school.
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Image of Warframe

Free2Play 3D Action Shooter

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes. In Warframe, players control members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken from centuries of cryosleep to find themselves at war with different factions.

Luca came to this project as a player, like most people do, and started off as an avid forums-user. Currently he is working on translating the game into the German language.
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